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Work from home comfortably with Ergonomic solutions

Jun 4, 2020

Working from home has now become the new norm, or essentially, at least. Employees are strongly encouraged to work remotely wherever possible, which in turn creates more time spent at your home desk than ever before. Improvise your WFH experience with ergonomic solutions now!

LearnFit Sit-Stand Desk

The LearnFit works as a standing mobile desk for all ages 6 and above, with sit-to-stand flexibility. Personalize how you work by adding movement to your daily deskbound positions with its height adjustability. Moreover, the LearnFit is portable with just the right size for easy manoeuvre to your preference of working on the sofa, or working while standing at work or at home.


Easy adjustment – Find the most comfortable, ergonomic height
Versatile design – Applicable for various usage; at home, in classrooms or offices
Premium casters – Swift relocation of desk
Extra features – Backpack hook, cup holder, tablet slot and pencil tray for better organisation
No sweat set-up – Assembles in less than a minute without using any tools

Ergo-Pod for Individuals

Ergo Pod (E-Pod), A refined workspace for individual to ensure focus working without external disturbance from the surroundings. In view of the pandemic situation, most employees are working from home along with family members. The E-pod stimulates a tranquil environment and acts as an additional protection for users to work in an enclosed personal space.

With the integration of our Height Adjustable Table, it promotes wellness by enabling users to adjust their positions to work while sitting or standing. As such, it provides them a sense of control over their health in an ergonomic way. Power supply and data point are also provided to ensure efficient productivity while working in the pod.

Interior of modern bedroom with white and wooden walls, panoramic window, king size bed with modern TV in front of it. Comfortable armchair and bathroom with bathtub. 3d rendering

Ergotron Workfit Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Adopt the WorkFit desk converter should you want to retain your workspace in its original state, the WorkFits are portable choices and optimizes your space well. Produced in solid metal, the platform provides ability to avoid tipping/swaying while using.

Workfit TS

Designed with a small footprint, the WorkFit-TS fits surfaces as shallow as 40 cm which frees up valuable work area and reinvents tight spaces into standing desks. Its hassle-free installation enhances your working space instantly, simply attach the keyboard tray and it is ready for use. The keyboard tray provides a comfortable fit and can be easily removed with thumb screws. It also offers approximately 25.5 cm of smooth vertical lift for height adjustability.

Workfit TL

Presenting a no assembly workspace solution, the WorkFit-TL transforms any work desk into a dynamic sit-stand workstation with its popular design. It offers easy, crank-free height adjustment and holds up to 18 kg of office essentials on a large worksurface alongside a keyboard tray. Adjustment between sitting and standing is simply done with the hand-brake levers, and ensures a smooth and quiet vertical lift of up to 38cm.

Ergonomic Workspace Solution

You definitely are going to spend more time on at your home desk more than ever before. Upgrade your working space with our SEV desk that allows you to switch positions to work, be it sitting, perching or standing. SEV is an ergonomic height adjustable table that provides versatility in the user’s position while working and portrays a sleek visual in its frame.


Combat your typical desk with the wireless charging port, where power is being supplied through a circular concealed powerbox. Designed with threading on the body, the charging port can be mounted swiftly on worktops with just a pre-cut-out circular hole.


Wireless charging port is incorporated for convenient recharging while portraying a contemporary visual of the power netbox. Eliminates the hassle to modify your furniture with its easy installation + you can adjust its placement anytime!

UV Sterilization Monitor Riser

The UV Sterilization Monitor Riser brings your monitor up to a comfortable viewing level, preventing unnecessary neck and eye strain. This innovative workstation creates storage for your office essentials in an organized way. UV light underneath provides rapid, effective inactivation of micro-organism through a physical process.

Featuring a futuristic and practical design, it converts a typical desk into an ergonomic workstation. UV sterilization operates with the push of a button to kill germs and bacteria efficiently on your handheld devices, keyboard, mouse and such. Incorporated with USB charging, it enhances your convenience of recharging devices. Declutter your desk with its built-in storage drawer and feature to hold containers for storing stationaries and other essentials. Available in different colours to complement your existing work desk.

What are some other products you think might be essential for your Work from Home? Drop us your thoughts/comments now! Contact us @ 6546 5882 for more info.