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Why are pods emerging?

November 4, 2020

According to research, noises in offices especially open plan offices are a factor that affects working efficiency and productivity in employees. Addressing an issue in relation to unwanted noises in open concept offices, various measures and strategies are implemented to control or reduce noise levels in workspaces.

However, not all measures taken are the best available solution yet. Some references were selected to discuss on existing design and potential improvisations.

Unable to fully secure privacy & peace yet

Intentional creation of “rooms’’ for personal time & privacy; acoustics level compromised

With the increasing demand of privacy and noise control in working environments, pods are emerging in the market designed to combat effects of noise in open spaces.
These privacy pods can be situated at specific places to allow more privacy and peace which in turn increases productivity. Aside from working environments, these pods are applicable for public spaces such as educational institutions, hotel lobby and reception areas, lounges, libraries and many more.

To combat effects of noise, we curated a mobile range of privacy acoustic pods that caters for user whom seeks privacy in a working environment + conduct ad-hoc discussion and meetings. The pods come in various sizes to accommodate different (number of) groups of people, adaptable in various interior spaces.

Internal features of the pods include energy efficiency with centralized motion sensor that prevents energy wastage when it is vacant, and a well-ventilated interior to keep user comfortable at all time. External features such as its robust construction is achieved through the use of powder coated electro-galvanized steel, alongside its portable feature to allow relocation by dismantling and re-assembling.

Exstopod™ is certified free from formaldehyde with a good indoor air quality reading of below 0.005 mg/m³ emission with SGS Certification. It has also achieved a high noise isolation class rating (TUV – 32 NIC).

The certifications reassure users the safety usage of EXSTOPOD™️. These pods are the ultimate solution to work from home – WFH or in open concept offices, especially during pandemic situations whereby employees have to be segregated into groups or different spaces to work at.

Branded as Singapore’s leading privacy and meeting pod, Exstopod™ is recognised by a variety of industries such as local government agencies, educational institutions, finance industries, co-working spaces and more. Exstopod™ have also delivered numerous projects with satisfactory results.

A perfect solution for privacy in tranquility, can be up and running within just a few hours!