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Versatile Furniture for your Space!

Disember 1, 2020

A series of minimalistic and functional range of furniture, the SWAN is designed from a simple single line that continues throughout and concludes a whole piece. The SWAN series consist of different types, sizes, color & material finishes that accommodates various spatial context. Ranging from communal chairs and desk to bar height tables and chairs, as well as a lounge seating.

Introducing the SWAN chair, designed with minimal and sleek visuals, it is suitable as a breakout chair or multiplied to be training chairs. Additionally, in consideration to space consciousness they are designed to be stackable which frees up valuable storage spaces.

With its variety finishes accompanied by complementing desks, the SWAN chair creates a great space for communal dining or even as collaborative working spaces.

The Swan series are versatile in creating commercial meeting and working spaces alongside its residential usage for dining or study areas.

As an integral member of the series, The Swan also features a communal desk and bar height table adaptable for a different functional setting and environment. Like-wise the series is suitable for usage in context such as residence and offices, conference area, leisure room and many more!

Last but not least, featuring the Swan lounge chair with similar elegant lines and clean visual, it creates a comfortable seating suitable for collaboration or casual laid-back environment. You could even create a vintage aesthetic with its selection of color and finishes!

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