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Transform Your Workspace With Smart Technology – The Era of Agility in Workplaces

September 7, 2023

In this post-pandemic era, businesses are embracing the concept of the agile working office. This modern approach to work prioritizes flexibility, collaboration, and efficiency as its core principles. Agile working relies heavily on technology to enable remote work, video conferencing, and collaborative tools. Users can access their work and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere with an internet connection. It is undeniable that technology has a pivotal role in business, revolutionizing every element of operations.

To align with this transformative trend, our latest innovation, the EXSTOPOD® PLUS+, an acoustic privacy pod, has seamlessly integrated a booking system. This innovative feature empowers users with greater autonomy in managing their work environments and schedules. Whether choosing the perfect environment for their tasks or reserving pods in different locations throughout the office, users can effortlessly book ahead for meetings, ensuring availability when they need it most. During the reserved period, the pod is securely locked, accessible only through the dedicated app, making it a valuable asset for any agile working office.

Meanwhile, in this agile work landscape, employees are given the flexibility to work where, when, and how they are most productive. This might mean working from home, from a co-working space, or in different areas of the office. Consequently, the need for deeper connections among team members is more evident than ever, especially when physical presence isn’t always possible. Neat, a pioneer in video conferencing devices for Zoom and Microsoft Teams, addresses this concern by enhancing collaboration in various-sized spaces. Their cutting-edge solutions foster equitable and inclusive meeting experiences for hybrid teams, whether in small, medium, or large spaces.

Meeting room with Neat video conference setup
Woman using Neat frame for video conferencing

While technology can’t fully replace in-person meetings, Neat continually narrows the digital divide between physical and virtual interactions. Neat Symmetry, for instance, ensures that all meeting participants, regardless of their seating or movement within the room, are presented in close-up detail. It focuses on the speaker and captures the expressions of others, enabling remote participants to engage in natural, free-flowing conversations, further enhancing the hybrid work experience.

With the expertise of ESCO’s team of experienced engineers, the Neat devices have been seamlessly integrated into our EXSTOPOD® PLUS+. This integration supports multi-point immersive conferencing and simple point-to-point setup, significantly enhancing the functionality and productivity of the EXSTOPOD® PLUS+. This innovation has created a greater opportunity for EXSTOPOD® PLUS+ in the future workspace. 


Aside from telecommunications integration, smart locker systems are indispensable in an agile office, offering a compelling solution to enhance user convenience. Fonzel’s technologized smart lockers are the great option for users who work remotely and embrace agile work practices. These lockers can be assigned daily for visitors, clients, or temporary staff. An automatic notification function ensures that users are reminded to vacate their lockers, streamlining the process further. The setup is fully customizable and easily adaptable to changing needs, exemplifying the versatility required in contemporary workspaces.

Fonzel’s technologized smart lockers represent more than just storage solutions; they embody a technologically advanced system engineered to elevate user convenience. By implementing Fonzel’s smart storage systems across your organization, you’ll spend significantly less time managing facilities and resolving access issues. The need for physical locker keys is eliminated, thanks to keyless and touch-free access facilitated by these smart lockers.

Fonzel smart lockers offer a streamlined solution for IT and asset management. When a user reserved a locker unit, they received a notification containing a unique access code via email or SMS. This code grants them convenient access to their reserved locker. These smart asset management lockers seamlessly integrate with existing building management systems and can be managed remotely from a central location. Real-time data is readily accessible, providing insights into when items are retrieved and replaced, optimizing efficiency across the board.

Welcome to a new workspace reality, where innovation shapes the way we live and work. Embrace the future of hybrid evolution and experience a workspace that adapts technology, fosters creativity, and fuels collaboration. In partnership with – Fonzel, neat. and ESCO.