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Top 5 Benefits of Exstopod™ Office Phone Booth

Disember 3, 2019

How much time do you spend a day in office doing some serious work?

How you wish that there is a quiet enviroment for work without disturbance?

How often you step out of working area to answer calls so that you don’t become a pantry topic?


If you work in an open office, these are some issues you will face over time, it can be frustrating.These lead to a demoralizing working environment which drain your energy. It results to a huge reduction in productivity.

We hear all your worries. Exsto™ is proud to introduce Exstopod™, an acoustic phone booth to save you from all these problems. These noise reduction phone booths are a great addition to dynamic workplaces specially designed for open office layout. It provides a place to receive confidential calls, private meeting, serious working and appraisal discussion.

5 Benefits of Exstopod™ Phone Booth

1. Provide Privacy

Open offices with their modern layout can be a great source of learning,
collaboration, and teamwork. However, when it comes to having some
privacy to attend a call, employees usually have to leave the office or
go to a meeting room which is also not a private space. Having a phone
booth in the office provide a sense of privacy to the employees so that
they can attend their calls or do their task in peace.

2. Offer More Control

One of the biggest problems of open offices is the lack of control on the
part of your employees which leads to a feeling of helplessness. There’s
no way you can get rid of the noise, find any privacy, or a choice about
the work environment. When you add a separate phone booth that
employees can use whenever they need to, it gives that control back to
them. This results in better job satisfaction, higher morale, and
increased productivity.

3. Reduce Noise Pollution

Noise distractions are one of the biggest drains on productivity in
today’s open office. People working in an open office environment
often remain dissatisfied with the level of noise at work. However, you
can reduce the noise without destroying the creative open-office vibe
or throwing up walls to separate people. Private phone booths reduce
the problem of noise pollution allowing employees to share
information in a completely secure environment.

4. Make Business Transactions Easier

While talking to a client, your employees may have to share some
confidential information like pins or passwords. This becomes really
challenging in an open-office. You can resolve this issue with the help
of a phone booth. Employees can make calls and share confidential
information without any fear of information leak.

5. Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

Phone booths are easy to assemble and disassemble which means you
can move them around without any hacking or renovation work. Many
private offices are usually small so they always look for something that
does not occupy all the space. You can move the phone booths without
any hustle and can place them in a different place depending on your

With all benefits above, phone booth has quickly become widely
acknowledged as the solution for office privacy and noise pollution problem.
If you are facing any privacy or noise pollution issue in your office, do link up
with us. We will show you how Exstopod™ can let you regain your privacy and
increase productivity.