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Spice up your Living Space!

September 23, 2020

A space for rest and expression

Distinctive looking furniture can always make a difference to a space, aesthetically, emotionally, and even environmentally. Personalize your space, envelope yourself in coziness and ultimate comfort with thoughtful furniture. Spice up your living space or communal area with exclusively designed furniture to create a pleasant environment, it definitely enhances the overall experience.

If you are thinking about remodeling your office or even homes, WE HAVE ALL YOU NEED!


Angus is designed with a unique and impactful vision. Inspired by the breed cattle “angus”, it is notable for its meat but also for its strong and significant shape. The Angus Sofa is shaped with curved and soft edges which endeavors to portray comfort in functionality, freshness and purity aesthetically. Its materiality enhances the comfort and luxury of this range, providing user a pleasant and cozy experience.

Angus is available in multiple sizes to accommodate various spatial context and functionalities, such as a lounge area or collaborative interior spaces.

Additionally, Angus was awarded the German Design Award – WINNER 2020 in the category of Excellent Product Design Furniture. Statement of the jury about ANGUS states: “the round forms of cushions and backrests create an exciting contrast with the clear construction of the metal frame. An elegant chair, which promises a high level of seating comfort and makes a visual statement at the same time”.

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