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Redefine your Workspace, Enhance your Ergonomics

September 4, 2020

Experiencing sharp pains, numbness or tingling feeling on your neck, back or wrist? Many are working from home during the unprecedented pandemic time, people are turning their dining tables and couches into a workspace which inevitably leads to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) & chronic pains like back injuries. MSDs is a common cause from poor ergonomics in your daily activities. But there are ways to help your body avoid these unnecessary strains and discomfort.

Let’s understand more on ergonomics and how we can improve it.

Understanding Ergonomics and the Source of the pain

Our body contain three types of muscles: Cardiac, Smooth and Skeletal. Muscles that maintain our posture, stabilize joints and bone are skeletal muscle. Skeletal muscle fibers are long and are attached to bones directly or via tendons or aponeuroses. All the activities we do involves skeletal. And poor ergonomics activities can cause musculoskeletal disorders.

Ergonomics can be defined as the scientific design between human interactions and their co-relating elements for comfort and safety in an environment which also promotes efficiency and productivity. Simply said, ergonomics is a significant factor that we tend to neglect overtime which can lead to a decrease in the overall system performance of our health and body. Ergonomics should be given as much emphasis and awareness as any other trends, despite the fact it is often noticeable only when it’s absent from products.

Things we do unknowingly contribute to poor ergonomics

We are often deemed as the “look down” generation whom are always on our mobile devices whenever possible. With the increasing usage and reliance on electronic devices, especially for a prolonged period of time, we are gradually adopting bad postures unknowingly in our daily routines.

Workspaces in offices and homes with little consideration to ergonomics tend to cause discomfort while working. This in turn disperses their focus away from work. As these awkward positions are occurring on a repetitive basis, the condition tends to worsen.
The level of discomfort and inefficiency experienced throughout the working process will cause a plummet in the overall productivity. This is even so during the Covid-19 pandemic, when most residence are not work from home ready.

How to improve your ergonomics?

Exercise your muscles, loosen your body

Take short intervals between work to release the tension created by your long hours stiff posture. Re-charge your body with a few minutes exercise, moving around and doing some stretches help loosen your body and keeps it maintained.

Establish a healthy and active environment

Consider to equip your residential or commercial workplace with dynamic furniture that allows for frequent movement such as height adjustable desks, adjustable monitor arms and ergonomic accessories to enhance the working experience. Ensure clearance space around your work desk are sufficient in order to keep the space safe and pleasant. Other elements such as lighting, air quality and ventilation are part of creating an ergonomic environment too.

Keep everything within reach at the comfortable height

Organize your workstation in order to minimize muscle or ligament strain while trying to get hold of your stuffs. Furniture such as desk and chairs should be adjusted to suit your comfort level such that arms and elbows can move freely while working. Ensure your computer screen is at or slightly below your eye level to prevent neck or back strains.

Ergonomic furniture

These specially designed furniture helps to eliminate risk factor at work. It improvises your environment for the betterment of a healthy workspace, from commercial workspaces to home offices. Consider ergonomic solution as a one-time investment which will focus on improving your physical health and reduces the cost of unnecessary medical expenses caused by prolonged uncomfortable condition or fatigue.

Work in neutral postures

Proper posture maintenance is an essential, while you work with the “C” curve on your back for a prolonged period, it will cause strains and aches. Keeping the proper alignment of our neck, hands and wrist are also necessary as excessive pressure or force at joints may lead to injuries too.

So, what are your waiting for? Let’s start adjusting your posture and environment to improve your ergonomics now! Never be negligent, it has more significance than you know.