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How does your Post-Pandemic office looks like?

Mei 26, 2020

Hey there! Are you adapting well with the post-pandemic situation in your office? How does your workplace look like after re-configuring to meet requirements? Here you’ll find some solutions that will spice up your post-pandemic office immediately and what’s more you can easily re-configure and relocate them elsewhere! 

Social Distancing

The idea is to create social distance but at the same time employees remain engaged and connected in certain ways and what’s more to make workspaces less tense in an interesting way. When employees are distanced further apart, there’ll be less communication and collaboration hence the office environment will tend to be quieter gradually. This should function as an add-on measure apart from staggered working time and limit numbers of people returning to the office.

Workplace Cleanliness / Personal Hygiene 

We have to ensure our working environment is safe and clean with the re-opening of businesses and employees returning to workplaces after the Circuit Breaker. You probably might not know that offices actually have many hidden microscopic viruses and bacteria. Some measures that we should take include self-cleaning of the office space or personal disinfection to ensure enhanced protection.

What was once a trendy open concept office has now emerged into individual private spaces. The most convenient and instant solution is definitely to separate the workstations within the 1m range distance. But will that be the best solution in the long run?

The proposed solution is a curated range of products to ensure safe protection within clusters of employees while segregating open workstations into versatile and safe working spaces. Expect multiple enclosed working stations or semi-private work spaces in additional to mobile panels.
Let’s find out more below.

Acoustical Privacy Pods

Ergo Pod (E-Pod), A refined workspace for individual to ensure focus working without external disturbance from the open office. In view of this pandemic situation, the E-pod acts as an additional protection with employees working in an enclosed personal space. With the integration of our Height Adjustable Table, it promotes wellness by enabling users to adjust their positions to work while sitting or standing. As such, it provides them a sense of control over their health in an ergonomic way. Power supply and data point are provided to ensure efficient productivity while working in the pod.

Applicable for commercial offices, institutions, and even premium residences. Suitable for individuals who are looking at private tranquil spaces to work in.

Open space office interior with gray and glass walls, wooden floor, rows of computer tables with yellow chairs as seen from the lobby. 3d rendering

Workspace Segregation

Privacy panels has now evolved to function as separation panels for social distancing in workplaces. The following proposal are panels that incorporate fabric with frosted glass or acrylic to allow comfortable communication within clusters while at the same time providing privacy.
A touch of colour & geometry element is integrated to enhance the office environment. The panel comes in several types (Mobile panels, Desk mount Panel, Working Pods) and sizes, suitable for various configurations.

Intelligent Temperature Measurement & Disinfection Channel

With the current pandemic situation, the economy will stagnate if all the industries are putting a halt in work production. However, people are required to travel to continue working, so how to effectively disinfect and reduce epidemics occurrence? The best way is definitely to take precautionary measurements as far as possible to protect ‘your spaces’ against the spread of virus.

Introducing the intelligent thermometry and disinfection channel, this cabin measures temperature through facial recognition with a capture rate of over 99% and a passing speed of less than 1 second. It automatically generates statistical analysis based on multiple dimensions such as personnel information, temperature data, and time distribution to improve control strategies and the level of epidemic control.

  • Face recognition, alarm interception on first try
  • Infrared human body temperature measurement, sound and light alarm, high accuracy
  • Hand wash intelligent spray disinfection, effective sterilization, and high level of safety
  • Automatic induction of ultrasonic fog, energy saving and high efficiency

Applicable for most public spaces, the CareGo disinfection channel is a portable cabin that enhances protection against virus and increases the level of cleanliness.


In all, always stay clean and keep the measures close to heart. Lastly stay safe and stay healthy!