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EXSTOPOD® PLUS+: Proud Recipient of the Sustainability Star Award at ARCHIDEX 2023🏆🌟 

Ogos 11, 2023
Exsto Malaysia Sdn Bhd - EXSTOPOD PLUS+ Sustainability Star Award

We’re excited to announce that EXSTOPOD® PLUS+ was honored with the esteemed Sustainability Star Award at ARCHIDEX 2023 (Kuala Lumpur), South East Asia’s most successful annual industry trade event for architecture, interior design, and the building fraternity, featuring a total of 600 exhibitors.

Sustainability Star Award at ARCHIDEX 2023

This prestigious award sets a benchmark for industry proficiency, recognising not just any product, but one that genuinely stands out for their product design, technological superiority, and efficient functionality. The newly launched EXSTOPOD® PLUS+ has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by incorporating 98% recyclable materials in its cutting-edge design.


EXSTOPOD® PLUS+ is certified with UL Greenguard, ensuring low chemical emissions and complies with the main chemical emission standards as a commitment to a healthier indoor environment.

Furthermore, with its efficient ventilation system and being free from volatile organic compounds (VOC), EXSTOPOD® PLUS+ provides users a safe and comfortable experience.

Exsto Malaysia Sdn Bhd pledges to donate RM100 to Taman Tugu for each privacy pod sold

As part of our dedication to sustainability, Exsto Malaysia Sdn Bhd pledges to donate RM100 to Taman Tugu for each privacy pod sold, along with an “Adopt a Tree E-Certificate” dedicated to customers. Taman Tugu is a prominent urban forest park initiative, which aims to restore biodiversity and preserve green spaces in the city. Additionally, this allows our valued customers to share the pride of contributing to this meaningful and sustainable cause.

This initiative showcases Exsto’s commitment to fostering a diverse and sustainable future through cutting-edge technology. And the recognition at ARCHIDEX 2023 energizes us to push the boundaries even further.

This is just the beginning! Exsto will continue to strive and create more eco-friendly and resource-efficient solutions. Stay tuned with Team Exsto as we endeavor to create a brighter, greener, and a more sustainable future together!

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