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E-Commerce – The Revolutionary Shopping

Julai 17, 2020

I’m pretty sure you have heard a lot about E-Commerce, but do you have any idea what is it? E-commerce refers to buying or selling of products or services via online transactions. In view of the unprecedented pandemic situation, it is observed that there is an increment in the demand of online purchasing as most shopping are done remotely. Businesses have to adopt new strategies and adapt to the new normal on limitations of shopping physically. With the increasing demand in online shopping, it has made e-commerce an alternate retail platform or showroom for marketing of products. Let’s find out some of the advantages of E-commerce at a glance!


The convenience brought about by e-commerce is its ability to provide you a wide range of products to browse through 24/7, thereby easing the process of ‘on-the-spot decision making’ as well as saving your time to travel from shop to shop. Get updated on the latest products and order your desired products or services and get it delivered to your preferred address with just one click!

Additionally, online shopping allows you to shop remotely to reduce physical contact and gathering in physical shops in times of pandemic situations. Moreover, you can also skip the queue and avoid crowds while shopping during promotional seasons!

Increased Customer Service

Online platforms tend to increase the level of customer services due to its ability to provide us out of working hours services. Online websites could be more informative too, with their comprehensive product details and specs all provided.

Delivery rates and duration is also provided instantly when shopping online. Checkout carts gives an overview of consumers’ intended purchases which maximizes efficiency of decision making for additional or reducing of purchases.

Cost Effective

Shopping online could also mean that middlemen and shopfront are eliminated, which in turns offer you a lower price to purchase directly online. Selected online stores also offers membership or loyalty discount on selected items or repeat purchases. Moreover, you can save on your transportation fees when you shop online or even shopping across regions to get products that is not in store locally.

Think Mobile

Another quick and handy way of online shopping nowadays are the apps provided directly by the retailers, as such you could shop anytime and anywhere through your mobile devices. Browse your desired products and purchase directly without going to the physical store or their website.

Check on the seller

The favorable thing about e-commerce is you can check on the retailer’s reviews and products information prior to making a purchase. Also, you definitely have ample time to browse through again and again before deciding on purchasing of the item. Do also take note of the retailer’s return policy and contacts, just in case of unforeseen situations.

Mode of Payment

Apart from credit card which is preferred over debit card another alternative to consider is using the mobile phone payment app which generates a one-time-use authentication for the purchase that no one could ever steal and use. Where you need not carry around your credit card and more secure mode of payment. Which can be further enhance through our fingerprint, facial recognition or password when purchase is made.

E-commerce has risen as the current revolution of hassle-free and efficient way of modern shopping. Shopping online have deemed to be swifter and convenient but it has to be done on the right & secured online e-tailer so that you will not be caught up with scams or non-delivery of goods purchased. With the advancement of technology these days, selective online shops could also create a different experience with their VR app as well! With that, E-commerce has definitely influenced the revolution of shopping globally.