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Cost Saving in our Workplace

Oktober 12, 2020

Cost reduction has always been a regular practice for many business operators, but in recent times, sustainability has become one of the immediate priorities. It is important to manage and implement cost-saving strategies across all aspects including finance and sales, business and marketing, without compromising on the quality and services. So how do we create a cost efficient and sustainable workplace?

So here are some corporate solutions that will drive your workplace towards a cost & eco-friendly environment. Let’s turn to some of these green and cost saving ideas.

Analyze energy consumption and use energy efficient products

Monitor your lighting, air conditioners, electrical and water patterns and consumption. Identify the operating device that consumes the most energy. Analyze and work it out from there. Use energy efficient products like LED light bulbs that consumes up to 80% lesser energy, which could save you a huge amount in the long run! On top of that, motion sensor lightings could also be used to enhance cost and energy efficiency in situations where people tend to leave their lightings on even when not in use.

Use laptop instead of desktop

Desktops consumes considerably higher energy than laptops. And in unprecedented times during the pandemic outbreak, workers are expected to work remotely with the assistance of flexible equipment. Consider to replace some desktop with laptops for a kickstart and observe the ease in electrical bill and energy consumption within the entire workplace.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle usage of paper or Go paperless!

Use both sides of papers when printing, photocopying and faxing to cut down the paper usage, costs, and waste as much as possible. Review your documents on-screen instead of printing out unnecessarily, also soft-copy documentations are a way to promote going paperless.

Create flexible Meeting Spaces

Commonly meeting rooms are built in a large permanent form to cater for big groups meeting. However, when casual discussions or meetings are organized within a group of 2-3s, the spacious conference room then becomes under-utilized and ‘over-costly’.
Analyze the needs and requirements of employees as to whether a formal meeting space is required, or how many pax are involved. Design smaller spaces that can support majority needs and yet have the versatility to adapt to various discussion settings and number of people. As such, we can maximize utilization and minimize cost. Consider having portable pods instead of building and demolishing conference rooms.


Save the trees! Opt for digital or online marketing instead, it is a low-cost alternative which frees up storage space and cuts down on printing cost. Digital marketing allows for frequent updating and editing of designs and information to your desired preference without printing and re-printing. Additionally, online marketing platform allows for outreach to targeted audience and enables you to retrieve data and demographics from specific location, age and target groups for a good analysis.
Alternatively, word-of-mouth marketing is also another cost effective yet convenient and potentially powerful tool to use!

It’s not difficult to implement some of these eco-friendly measures which could also save you a bomb! Kickstart with these minor solutions and gradually achieve the results that you’re aiming for. Perhaps you can even celebrate your success with the amount saved from those implementations.

Start saving your wallet and the Earth now!