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Coronavirus – Precaution Measures in Office

Mac 2, 2020

Coronavirus has created havoc all over the world. With more than 80,000 cases registered around the world at the point of writing. The infection is spreading more than 60 countries and affecting the businesses too. World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency to control the outbreak of Coronavirus.

If you want to protect your business against the dangers and risks of Coronavirus, it’s time to take some serious steps against the spread of Coronavirus. The virus is not something to overlook, and the safety of your employees must be your priority. Here are some essential things that you need to consider for the protection of your workplace against the spread of Coronavirus.

From having excellent and clean furniture items to implementing hygiene policies, it’s time to take some practical steps for the protection of your workplace.


Prevention is better than cure, and is the best policy to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Even if you notice some minor symptoms in one of your employees, don’t overlook these minor health issues. Coronavirus does not have apparent symptoms, so taking precautionary steps is the best policy at this time. If any of your employees are having the below symptoms, you need to be extra careful in dealing with them.

• Flu or runny nose
• Cough
• Sore throat
• Headache
• Fever
• Shortness of breath

World Health Organization has already described precautionary steps and strategies to fight against the spread of Coronavirus. If any employee is feeling sick, ask that person to work from home to stop the spread of illness.

Proper hygiene and Precaution Measure

It is also important to observe proper hygiene even if there isn’t any virus outbreak. Only with proper hygiene habit, you wouldn’t be caught off-guard when such things happen. Employers should encourage and remind employees the important of proper hygiene at workplace.

• Wash hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer as frequent as possible.
• Avoid touching mouth, eyes and nose.
• Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.
• Wear a mask if you are sick or feeling unwell.

Know the Rules

If any employee is not feeling well, it does not mean that he is infected by Coronavirus. If you have an official business connection with the Chinese market, try postponing these visits for some time. In case your employee is returning from China, have him checked adequately for the symptoms of Coronavirus. After the testing phase, the employee cannot be stopped from working if no apparent symptoms are found.

Final Verdict

As there is no cure for the Coronavirus at this time, only precautionary measurements can protect your office and workplace against the spread of Coronavirus. There should be no limit for precautionary measurements to stop the spread of Coronavirus at any cost. It is the mutual responsibility of both employees and employers to fight against the range of Coronavirus.