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Change Your Posture, Change Your Life

Ogos 3, 2020

Have you experienced neck or back strains while working? Did you know your daily health and work performance can be impacted by poor workstation set-up? Poorly designed workspace arrangements with no consideration of ergonomics have caused many employees to develop chronic back pains or other health consequences.

Fret no more! Let us introduce you the usage of monitor mounts which aids in achieving ideal desk set-up, boosting productivity and enables you to feel more comfortable at your workspace.

Benefits of Using Monitor Mount

Work Efficiency

With a monitor arm, you can spread your working files out across two screens, allowing multitasking at its best. Having two monitor mounts or even better with three screens, you can arrange your windows and files so they are easy to find, view, and edit. You’ll be amazed at how an additional monitor arm will increase your work efficiency.

Reduced Physical Strains

Having a monitor arm allows customization of your working screen’s height, angle and depth to suit the most ergonomic and comfortable position for your body. The appropriate ergonomic position is to be able to look at your monitor straight-on without straining your neck to face up or down for a long time. With a wrong positioning of monitors, it will cause neck strains or having permanent bad postures.

Improved Posture

An improper workstation set-up could lead to health consequences such as prolonged slouching, constant physical neck/back strains and other poor posture habits. As you work with improper postures in the long run or over an extensive period, it can cause chronic back and joint problems which will directly impact your health. Thus, aligning your workstations ergonomically with the appropriate furniture and accessories will increase your comfort and reduce tension.

Introducing ERGOTRON MXV Dual Monitor Arm

The MXV Desk Dual Monitor Arm is a marriage of style and functionality.

It enhances productivity with its ability to position your work across two screens, either in landscape or portrait mode. Designed with a sleek and lightweight profile, desk clamp base and thoughtful cable management system, it keeps your desk organized and minimalistic.
With the patented Constant Force™ technology, the monitor arm can be easily adjusted to suit individual’s preferred height and position with a light touch. Its friction point offers a 180-degree tilt which creates additional flexibility. The Dual MXV Monitor Arm is able to support display screens that weigh up to 9.1kg. It can fit in tight spaces and is able to extend out up to 56cm.
The product is pre-assembled when delivered right to your doorstep, it can be easily attached to your desk in no time. Last but not least, the monitor arm passes a 10,000-cycle motion test, which ensures years of trouble-free height adjustment.

So, are you working ergonomically at your desk? Wait no more and upgrade to an ergonomic workstation now!