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CareGo Disinfection Channel

Mei 18, 2020

With the current pandemic situation, the economy has been stagnated with all industries are putting a halt except essential services. How can company prepare for resuming operation and effectively reduce epidemics occurrence? The answer is precautionary measures.

How CareGo Disinfection Channel Work?

CareGo disinfection Channel is a 3 in one entry safety precaution device that scan temperature, sanitizer hand and disinfection body of anyone entering the premises. It provide recording of visitor and employees detail which helps in the contact tracing process. 

Scanning Temperature and Recording

The very first step is to have temperature checking to ensure that anyone with fever is stopped from entering the premises to protect your healthy employees. Alarm will trigger when temperature is above preset allowance.

Hand Sanitizing

After temperature checking, we will need to sanitizer our hand. Thorough sanitizeration is important to remove any virus or germs we get into contact unknowingly.

Disinfecting Body

Next we will move into the ultrasonic fogging section to disinfection our body removing to complete that process. 

Now let us see it in action

CareGo Disinfection Channel help to safeguard your entry and is your first line of defense. 

Do contact us to understand how CareGo can help you.