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5 Reasons to Embrace a Corner Workspace

Disember 31, 2018
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Workspace configurations are as unique as the workers who use them. Many employees customize the look and function of their work area with additional monitors, ergonomic keyboards and specific chairs, while others inherit a setup established by past colleagues.

Corner workspaces represent one configuration that continues to rise in popularity in both corporate and home offices—and for good reason. It makes the most of every usable inch on your desk surface to accommodate piles of papers or other leftovers from managing multiple projects at once. Add in the sit-stand component to it, and suddenly you can include numerous wellness benefits to the growing list of why it works in the office.

Here are five reasons to add a standing desk to your corner setup:

  1. Saves overall space: A standing workstation specifically designed for corner desk configurations will fit neatly into cube or office corners.
  2. Maximizes workspace: If you have a U or L-shaped desk, you will uncover extra workspace on either side of your workstation with a corner setup.
  3. Makes the most of unused space: Deep desk corners usually only house cords, the occasional lost pen and well, dust. Corner workstations fill previously unoccupied deep spaces.
  4. Offers a large worksurface: The right standing corner desk offers enough space to support single or dual monitors without hitting walls and cabinets when adjusted.
  5. Provides easy adjustment: Ergonomics is more than just screen and keyboard placement. Corner workstations should also be easy to adjust between sitting and standing to protect your back. It also supports the proper viewing distance to your screen.

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